# Equipping your Investigators

Map of Zepplin and Gondola


# Equipment, Travel, and Weapon Costs by Period

All costs are for an average item unless stated otherwise. Prices vary due to scarcity and demand, and Keepers may decrease or increase costs accordingly.

When creating your investigator, you don’t need to “pay” for the items you choose from the equipment lists—as long as the equipment fits with your character’s occupation. Your investigator already owns the items they would usually need for their job. For example, everyone has clothing, and a doctor would have a case containing medicine, bandages, scalpels, and so on.

Choose the items you feel are appropriate to your investigator and then check them with the Keeper—they may question why you have some items, but if you can give a reasonable explanation why you have them, then fine. The applies to weapons—if you want your character to carry a gun or a knife, then make sure it fits with the design of your investigator (i.e. did you invest skill points into the Fighting (Brawl) or Firearms (Handgun) skill? Again, check with your Keeper that you weapon choices (if any) are ok and get their approval.

The equipment lists not only provide players with ideas on what their investigator may possess, they also give the Keeper information that might be useful during the game.

This Wiki only shows the Equipment Lists for the 1920s, the default setting. For more options, consult the Keeper Rulebook (opens new window) or the Investigator Handbook (opens new window).