# 5. Final Touches

You now have something that looks like a finished character. Go back to the top of the investigator sheet to make sure you have given your character a name, and also write down their pronoun and age. On the reverse side of the sheet, write down any standard equipment the investigator might be expected to carry on them for their occupation.

Example: Susan writes down “Note pad, pencils, ink pen, hair brush, hair pins,” under Gear and Possessions for her journalist character—those hair pins might come in handy if she ever needs to pick a lock!

There is space on the sheet for you to draw or glue in a portrait of your investigator. If you are using the downloadable PDF sheet, you can click on the portrait space, opening a dialogue box to input an image you have already found or saved on your computer.

Don’t worry about the Cash & Assets section on the reverse of the investigator sheet—it’s just for advanced campaign games, where a character’s money on hand and savings might be important (such things are covered in the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook (opens new window)).